Mac Pigment in Blue Brown - Review...

 Mac Pigment in Blue Brown - £17

 As you may already know, I've really been getting into Mac's pigments and glitters lately, I think they're really beautiful but really effortless. This shade is really stunning and unique, from angle it's a warm orangey brown and from another angle it's a lovely shimmery blue, I haven't seen anything like this before which is why I had to have it in my collection. 
It's really smooth to apply and super duper pigmented, you can apply it over the top of another eye shadow or just on it's own, but I'd definitely recommend using a primer so it has something to stick and cling to, otherwise it doesn't last as well as with one. For £17 you get a large pot of pigment and a little really goes a long way, so I think this would actually last forever! Unlike the Copper Sparkle pigment this one is really finely milled and smooth where as that one is chunkier and almost like a glitter than a pigment. It's really wearable for everyday but if you want a more intense look then this can be used wet too.

If there's any pigments you think I'd like, I'd really love to hear your suggestions! 

Jess xo

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  1. This is such a classic mac pigment shade & I still don't own it wahhh! It does looks gorgeous on you!
    My fave pigment would have to be Vanilla as it is so versatile.
    Maybe Its Megan Leigh xx