Nail art ideas for Spring...

If you know me, then you'll know how much I love nail art! I seem to forget about it most of the year but there's something about Spring that just makes me creative! So, I'd thought I'd share a few nail art I've done over the years, the top two are my most recent and the black and white daisy one if the one I'm actually wearing. Nail art is all about practice, everyone is rubbish in the beginning, especially when you realise you've got to do your right hand with your left, but as they say, practice makes perfect! 
If you want to get into nail art then a must have is dotting tools! You can get them super cheap from eBay or amazon and they make nail art so much flipping easier. Most things consist of dots, which is super duper easy to do, flowers are just four or five dots and then a different colour dot in the middle. 
One massive tip, if you want to apply a top coat, then make sure your nail art is dry, otherwise it will just smear it and all your hard work is ruined. 
If you think that you want to try something like this but are a bit scared or don't think you'll be able to, grab your fave glitter top coat and just apply it as an accent nail, that adds some interest without too much effort and quickly!
If you have done any nail art, I'd love to see it! 

Jess xo

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