Small Mac Lipstick Haul & An Extra...

 Mac Cyber.

Mac All Fired Up.

 Mac Flat Out Fabulous. 
Mac lipsticks - £15
I went on a bit of a splurge in Mac recently, I have loved all Mac products I've tried before, so I thought I'd pick up a few lipsticks. I love the whole experience of going into Mac, it's so lovely and although sometimes the staff can be quite intimidating, they can also be really helpful. I have tired a few other Mac lipsticks before but I felt like I needed to grow my collection. I always do a lot of research and look at plenty of reviews before picking up an expensive item but I couldn't help myself when I got in there, they have everything laid out so nicely and everything is soooo pretty and clear. 
So I picked up three colours, all very different from each other, I have been getting a little more experimental with lipstick colour recently, so I picked up some that I probably wouldn't normally go for. 
Cyber is an incredibly intense dark plumy purple, I do have other dark colours like this but this one is a lot cooler toned and almost black, I think it looks beautiful on. Satin finish.
All Fired Up is a Spring alternative to the classic red lip. It has a more pinky coral hint to it rather than an orange or a blue. RetroMatte finish. 
Flat Out Fabulous is just stunning, it's a real purple pink, a true cold blue toned pink, perfect for making your nashers looking really white, which I love. RetroMatte finish. 

Revlon Kissable Balm Stain in Provocateur - £7.99

 Finally I picked up a Revlon Kissable Balm Stain in Provocateur, I just fancied trying one of these new releases, I know I'm pretty late on the band wagon but oh well! This is a really easy to wear red, it's super glossy and perfect for Spring. 

I will be reviewing all of these lip products once I've tried them out some more, so keep an eye open for those in a couple of weeks.
Third three is ridiculously busy at the moment so I'm sorry I've been a little out of the loop at the moment, but I should be back to normal after this week, I've got some massive deadlines. 
If you love any Mac lipsticks and think I'd like them, I'd love to know so please comment :)

Jess xo

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  1. I've just purchased the Flat out Fabulous one myself - amazing!!
    These will all look great on you :)