Ardell 110 black lashes - Review

 Ardell 110 black ntural fake eyelashes - £5.49

I've recently been wanting to try out some different lashes and I had heard that these ones are really lovely. I've heard a lot of amazing reviews about all of the Ardell lashes and I felt like I had to try them out! My eyelashes aren't short but they are really blonde so I always have to apply loads of mascara to do them justice which sometimes can be a bit too mush effort so if I'm in a rush or just fancy a different look i'll apply one coat of mascara and then some natural lashes for the daytime.
I thought I'd give these a go first, they look really natural and light, there's nothing worse than having heavy uncomfortable fake eyelashes on all day when you're rushing around. 
So I'm currently on my fourth day of wearing these (the same pair) and they are really comfortable, almost feels as if you're not wearing any which is perfect for everyday use. They have stayed in pretty good condition after wearing them a few times but I do always try to take care of my fake lashes to get maximum wears. They are really natural but they just make you look like you've naturally got amazing eyelashes which is exactly the look I want! I haven't tried the adhesive because I already have eye lash glue which I like to use. 
I shall 100% be repurchasing these again and probably be wearing these most days, however I do want to try some others out but I will let you know how I get on with some others! 
Really really happy with these, they're really easy to apply and I would definitely recommend them to other people especially fake lash newbies! 

Jess xo


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