Haul #2 - Topshop, Asos etc

I've been collecting a few things over the last few months and saving them for a big haul but I didn't realise how much stuff I actually got so here goes...

Topshop - £34
 First up I picked up this skirt from Topshop, you probably all know my love for Topshop skirts and I just had to add this one to the collection, I think it's great for summer or winter with thick skirts, I really want to get a bright coloured top to wear with this!
Topshop - £26
I caved and bought a Topshop cami, I think it was expensive for what is it especially when everywhere is selling them now, I didn't realise the price until I got home and looked at the price because I bought quite a few things but I really like it and I've wore it a lot, I really like it with ripped jeans, boots and a leather jacket. 
 Primark - £18
I absolutely love these boots so much! I've seen the same pair in Miss Selfridge for a lot more and I was so tempted to get them until I saw these babies! I haven't worn them yet but it's my friends birthday this weekend so I'm going to whack them out!I've already dedicated a whole post to them so I won't go on but I just love them!

 Riverisland - £20
Because I love my dog t shirt dress so much from Riverisland I bought another one in a different pattern and I love it! However it is a little too big on me at the moment so I'm going to have to shrink it some how! 

Asos - £25 

I then bought this dress for my brother's birthday night out and I really love it, it's a really nice fit, it's quite low cut but because of the lace it isn't too revealing, it's really comfortable and I really like this, I got so many nice comments when I wore this too!

Topshop - £26
I recently bought this metallic slip from Topshop which looks so nice on! It does look like a nightie but I like that look so I don't care! I thought the price was actually pretty good for a Topshop dress so I'm extremely happy with it, I can't wait to style it up with tartan in the Autumn Winter! 

 Asos - £25
Then I bought this maxi dress from Asos and I'm so completely in love with it here's the link so you can see it on the model, it's stunning!  I'm going to be wearing it tomorrow with a thin knit jumper over the top and converse, then take off the jumper and whack on some heels!

I'm going shopping in a few weeks so keep an eye out for that! 

Jess xo

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