Hair extensions from Paul's beauty world - Review

I have really long hair anyway but I really fancied trying some extensions out just to give my hair some more thickness and volume! 

These are 100% human clip in hair extensions in the colour Chocolate brown with honey blonde streaks, these were actually discounted when I bought them making them only £30 which I thought was really good for real hair extensions especially 18 inch ones. The website is really worth looking through to find the right ones for you, they have so many different brands of extensions and the prices really range.
It's really difficult to choose a hair colour that matches yours over the internet and when these came I thought they were way too light but I thought that I could just dye them if they were too light but when I put them in they didfn't look too like at all and blended really well which is perfect! You can six strips which is plenty, I only end up using five most of the time but you might want to use more if you actually want to lengthen your hair. You can do whatever you want to them because they are human hair so you can just treat them as your own hair but obviously try and always use a heat protection spray or serum when you're applying heat and give them a wash once in a while to keep them in good condition! 
They are really easy to fit as well, I just part my hair where I want them to go, grab a little section twist it a little and clip in, them do the same a little higher up for the next one and so on. 
I've only really been wearing these out in the evening just to create a little more volume and thickness because although my hair is long it is actually quite thin, I just have a lot of it!
If you're in the market for some extensions I would definitely recommend these really good quality and have a great range of shades to suit everyone!

Jess xo


  1. They look really amazing and natural on you!
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