Revlon lipgloss in kiss me coral - review

I've really been getting into lip glosses recently, I just think they're so easier and don't need much maintenance through out the day. My mum actually bought this first and as I was in a rush I forgot to put a lipstick on so she let me borrow hers and I just fell in love so went out and bought it straight away!

 Revlon lipgloss in kiss me coral - £6.99

It's such a beautiful coral colour with really fine gold shimmer in, it looks so beautiful on! I literally cannot get enough of this colour at the moment!
It lasts fairly well, like a couple of hours but even if you don't have time to reapply or anything you can't tell, it's not like a lipstick wears it ends up looking really patchy and highlighting your dry patches. It's just so easy to throw on on the go and just finishes a look off! 
I am definitely going to try more of the Revlon lipglosses, this one isn't massively sticky or anything it's just a lovely hint of colour for every day.

Jess xo


  1. I'm preferring lip glosses at the moment too! I have this exact lipgloss and the colour is gorgeous, I have been wearing it all summer :)

    1. Definitely a summer colour but I'll probably still be wearing it all winter :P
      Jess xo