August non-beauty favourites

  1.  Topshop floral skirt - I bought this from the Topshop sale at the start of the month after lusting after it for sooooooo long and then I saw it in the sale and I just couldn't resist. It's not high waisted on me it just sits comfortably on my hips and is a really flattering shape, it's higher at the front and longer at the back which I think looks super flattering on, I've just been pairing it with a black vest top but I really want to experiment more with it!
  2. Riverisland dog t shirt dress - I've had this for a few months now but I literally cannot get enough of it! I literally wearing it all the time, price per wear now is probably like 1p or maybe even less! It was such a bargain for £20 too, I've been dressing it up with lots or necklaces and stuff and then dress it down too, perfect for any festivals!
  3. Matalan boots - I also bought these a few months ago but I have literally been living in these too, I've been wearing them in the day, at night, just all the time really! I'm tempted to get some more like this but a little higher for going out at night because I'm so used to these now, they've been so comfortable apart from the latest time I wore them out at night when they completely cut my feet up and I have no idea how! But since then they've been fine again so who knows! 
  4. Topshop iphone case - Thought I'd throw in my iphone case because I'm really fond on it, it's called jungle fever which I think is sooo cute. I've had so many compliments on it recently and I know they definitely still have it on the website!

Jess xo


  1. love these pieces :-) especially the boots! x x