Nail art edition #1 - Daisies...

I really like doing nail art and thought I would share my most recent one with you, I'm thinking about maybe making it a weekly or two weekly post! 

This is literally soooooo easy, all it consists of is more dots and a gem in the middle. I bought both the disc of gems and dotting tools from eBay for only a couple of pounds and you get a set of all different shaped tools and loads of different colour gems which is great!
Anyway lets get to it .. 
Step 1. Paint a base coat of clear and then two coats of whatever colour base coat you like, I chose this grey purple colour which is called punk rock by Rimmel salon pro with Lycra nail varnish. 
Step 2. This is optional but I then painted a quick dry top coat to make the process quicker. 
Step 3. Dot four dots of white polish in the shape of a flower using the dotting tool - Do this to all nails.
Step 4. I then applied a top coat of the Sally Hansen no chip Acrylic top coat and while it's still wet carefully place a yellow gem in the middle of the flower shape - It's easier to do it with tweezers then do you smudge your other nails either. 
Step 5. I applied another Acrylic top coat layer to seal the gems in place and then a final quick dry top coat layer to finish off and you're done.

So easy and quick, I probably did this in like 20 minutes or so, I'll be doing a review of this Acrylic top coat soon because I have a few issues with it, but there are some really good ones out there so maybe check out some reviews before you get one because they can be a little pricey sometimes and this one is a but rubbish, I only use it because it makes you look like you've got gels nails which I like the look of.
I've had so many compliments on these and one of my friends even offered to pay me to do hers which was such a ego boost ha! 

Jess xo