My Mac Lipstick Collection...

Over the last year I've really been loving Mac lipsticks, I know that there are other brands in the world but they're great in every single way... 
I love reading and seeing videos about Mac collections so I thought I'd share mine. 

Creme Cup - This is such a popular shade among mac lovers, but unfortunately this does not suit me. It's a really pretty pale pink nude shade but it's too pale for me, I've only ever tried it on and every time I've applied it, I've just not liked it and taken it off straight away. Sorry to start on a negative but this looks gorgeous on paler girls. 

Patisserie - This is my perfect nude shade, it's more of a peachy nude shade, my lips but better colour. It's the shade I go for when I've done a heavy smokey eye and need something pretty and subtle. I know a lot of people also love this so definitely needed in any Mac collection.

Peach Blossom - This is such a lovely summer nude, Patisserie would be my winter nude and Peach Blossom my summer. It's much mess brown than Patisserie and as the name suggests, a very peach toned nude. 

Coral Bliss - This is exactly as the name describes. It's applies quite sheer so just gives a hint of coral. It's really pretty with a lip gloss over the top. It was brought out in the Cremesheen and Pearl collection along with Patisserie, all of the shades from this collection are really pretty. 

Up The Amp - This is quite an unusual shade and one I'm not normally drawn to but this is quite wearable. It's a pink with a cold purple undertone. At first I thought it made me look like I had dead lips but I always get a lot of compliments when I wear it. 

Flat Out Fabulous - This is a matte bright pink with blue undertones. It makes teeth look whiter and really stands out. This is perfect, if you've gone for a more masculine look but want a girly twist.

All Fired Up - I feel like this is the red version of Flat Out Fabulous. It's also matte but it's a muted red orange shade. If you don't want to go for a bright, in your face, red then go for this. I think would look amazing on pale girls who are intimidated by a brighter red. 

Rebel - This is one of the first shades I picked up I think. It's different to anything I'd ever seen before. It's a pinky plum shade, it's great because you can layer it up for an intense plum shade or just apply a thin layer with a balm over the top for a sheer wash of pink colour.

Mac R.E.D - This is what started off my Mac lipstick love. I thought that it's a really classic shade and the lady in Mac matched me to this red over the others and I actually agree with her. It's not a super popular shade like the other reds that they do and I don't know why to be honest because it's a beaut. 

Russian Red - This is just a classic red shade, that I'm pretty sure every Mac lover owns. It's a matte finish which differs it from R.E.D, and it's slightly deeper.

Diva - This is definitely my most used shade that I own, I just love it. It's a deep red, almost plum but it does not budge. It's such a striking matte lipstick that does not end up all over your face or dry your lips out at all. I always feel like a Diva when I have this on. 

Cyber - This is the most striking colour I've ever seen, it looks almost black but it's a really deep dark purple. If you want to go for a look that no one else will be rocking this go for this beauty. I think you've got to have some balls to wear this but it looks stunning. It can end up washing you out a little bit but I just apply slightly more bronzer to combat that. Also, a lip liner is a must have for this. 

I'd love to hear what shades you love and think I need! 

Jess xo 

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