What I Learnt About Make Up In 2014 ...

Take it easy with the bronzer - Bronzer should give you a subtle sunkissed look, not an orange mask! Looking at past photos makes me cringe so back, I used to apply so much bronzer that I looked muddy and orange but thought it looked good! Bronzer should be mostly applied on the places where the sun would naturally catch you for a tanned look. Obviously there are other ways of applying bronzer like contouring and that.

Less is more - With make up genral, less is more. Subtle application looks a thousand times better than caking it on. I think when you're putting your make up on it's easy to over apply. If you're guilty of this, like me, go into your bathroom, turn on the light (which is normally like daylight and a lot brighter) and see how it looks, if you're still happy with it, perfect. 

Nude eye liner is your friend - I am forever tired, which means my eyes are forever bloodshot. A brilliant way to counteract tiredness and small eyes is nude eye liner. I use to think nude liner was just for mature women but I can't get enough of it now.

Change it up - The best thing about make up is changing your look up and experimenting. Why keep the same look forever? If your attitude changes then why shouldn't your make up? This year I've really been enjoying experimenting and trying out new things, even if I don't think it'll suit me. You never know until you try it out. I've been getting into purples because they are great on brown eyes.

You don't need full coverage all the time - If my skin is good then why do I need a full coverage foundation. Nars Sheer Glow Foundation has definitely proven this to me. It's a much more natural finish and makes skin look healthy but perfected.

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