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 Maybelline Better Skin Foundation - £8.99

I thought I'd start a new series on my blog called First Impressions and Review where I apply the foundation in the morning and monitor it closely through the day and blog about it. That means that you can receive a more in depth review of how it applies, longevity and any other points that bother me throughout the day.
There are a lot of Youtubers that do First Impressions videos and they are some of my favourite to watch, so I thought it would be fun to start it on here.
The Maybelline Better Skin Foundation claims to improve skin in 3 weeks, I haven't tried it for long enough to see whether it actually improves my skin but I have noted that the first time I used it a couple of weeks ago, I ended up having a pretty bad break out and thought this might maybe be the culprit so I gave my skin a break for a couple of weeks before trying it again. I will report back on whether this improves my skin or was the reason for my break out. 

11am - First applied, really effortless application, looks great on and covers really well. Medium coverage but buildable. Perfect shade for me. Primer and Powder used as I normally would on a day to day basis. 
 2:30pm- Still perfect, no need for any touch up or powder. I don't look shiny or feel oily, especially considering it's a hot day. 
4:30pm - First touch up with powder because I was beginning to look shiny and feel oily and greasy. Although, the coverage is still great, it has slightly started to separate around my nostrils but that's normal for a foundation for my skin. 
7pm - Still looks good but not perfect, slight oil through my t zone which is normal for me. The coverage is starting to diminish around my t zone and chin from my oil. 
10pm - It has really broken down all over my face, feeling really oily and uncomfortable. I personally wouldn't wear this foundation for any longer.  

Conclusion - Overall, I think this is a great foundation, it applied really nicely and really makes you look flawless when first applied and for most of the day. I suffer with really oily skin and this foundation faired up quite well against it as difficult as it is. I would recommend this foundation and will definitely be using this on a day to day basis. However, I wouldn't use this foundation if I knew I was going to be out all day and night because it just wouldn't last long enough.

UPDATE - It's unfortunately definitely this that has been causing me massive break outs! So I will not be using this anymore! 

Jess xo

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