The Lip Product Tag ...

I have seen that a lot of youtubers do this tag and I thought it would be fun to do it as a post instead and I LOVE lip products. 
Anyway onto the questions...
Favourite Balm or Treatment? I've really been loving the Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula recently, it's the one I got for when I need a quick boost of moisture, something that I know is just going to be absorbed quickly with a really yummy scent. I also really like the Dr Lipp Nipple Balm for Lips, for a deep intense treatment. 
Favourite Eye Catching Red? I recently purchased the Too Faced Melted Lipstick in Melted Ruby and it really is the most perfect eye catching red. It's a super bright pinky red suitable for all year round. I love the glossy look it has too for extra wow. 
Favourite Pink? It's not a secret how much I love the Bourjois rouge velvets. I've chosen the shade Ole Flamingo, which I think is a perfect date pink. It stays out throughout everything which means it's get for eating or snogging (if the date goes well). 
Favourite Nude? Definitely Mac Patisserie, it's the perfect nude for me. I often find it difficult to find a nice nude because they can be a little too pale but this is stunning. 
Favourite Luxury Lipstick? I have picked the YSL Rouge Pur Couture The Mats in Prune Virgin. This is such a rock chick colour, it's incredible. The heavy gold metal packaging makes it feel super luxurious and glamorous. 
Favourite Mac Lipstick? I have a tonne of Mac lipsticks but I thought I'd go for my current favourite, rather than all time favourite. It's definitely got to be Cyber at the moment. It's a really dark purple, I think it's unusual because dark lipstick shade normally have a red undertone but this is more cooler. There's nothing else like it. 
Favourite Lip Gloss? I have chosen two which I got to all the timeand they are both affordable. First is the Soap & Glory Extreme Plump, which is a lip plumping lipgloss but it's the shade I love. It looks great over lipstick or on it's own. The next one is the Maybelline Coloursensational Shine Gloss in Cashmere Rose. It's a perfect peachy shade which I think would be super flattering on so many different skin tones and shades. Both of these glosses aren't overly sticky, they have a lovely amount of pigmentation. 
Favourite Spring/Summer shade? I have chosen Rimmel's In Love With Ginger for this, it's the most perfect bright orange, verging on neon. I personally haven't tried Mac's Morange but I've heard this is a dupe for it. 
Favourite Autumn/Winter Shade? This is a newbie in my collection but I have chosen Mac's Diva, I wear this when I'm feeling fiesty and that I've got that diva attitude. It's perfect for Autumn/Winter especially because it's a matte finish. It makes your teeth look super white too. 
Finally Lip Liner? Definitely. I think it definitely improves the longevity of the lipstick, and I love that really precise lip that it gives you. 

Jess xo

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