Glitter Gradient Obsessed ...

 Barry M Nail Paint in Mermaid - £3.99
Barry M Nail Paint in Black - £2.99

I love a glitter gradient. It's just such a simple way to look like you've put tonnes of effort in with your nails without spending a lot of time or money on them. I've done a few posts about how I get this look before so I won't bore you with that but I've chosen to use this glitter instead of a gold. This is Barry M's Mermaid, which as the name states, is just a mermaid toned glitter polish. Chunky pieces of coloured glitter floating in clear polish. The glitter to clear polish ratio is really brill. There's nothing worse than a polish with tonnes of clear polish to a few flecks of glitter. I wouldn't recommend getting the Barry M Black polish, it's really crappy quality and takes three or more coats to be completely opaque, there are much better cheap versions of a black polish so I would check them out instead next time. 

Jess xo

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