The Easiest Heels You'll Ever Own...

Primark Heels - £12

I know a hell of a lot of people that avoid heels. I've never been one of those people, I'm considered short at five foot four so I love the extra height. Although, I can really understand why most people avoid them. They might look amazing on but the pain and constant inability to walk like a normal human being. However, I spotted these in Primark recently, and although I can normally power through the pain sometimes I just can't be bothered to. These heels have the height but are still super easy to walk in and very comfortable. The platform at the front means your foot isn't at too much of an angle, but just enough to make your legs look toned and longer. These heels were a bargain at only £12 and they have them in some really fun colours for the summer. I originally thought these would look a but clumpy and strange but I actually think they are super flattering for almost any occasion and match everything!

Jess xo

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