What's on my face #3 ...

I've been really loving a golden eye recently, it looks really pretty when it catches the sunshine. I also think that a red lip is the perfect partner for a golden eye, they're both really pretty but without looking too over the top or "drag queen". 
Nars Sheer Glow Foundation £30.50 - I've spoken about this so much so I won't bore you but it's the perfect Summer foundation. Light and healthy looking. Review here. 

Mac Prep and Prime £21 - Slighty shimmery primer, which makes foundation last longer and makes skin long dewy but not sweaty or glittery. Perfect base for any foundation. Review here.

Maybelline Lasting Drama Black Shock Eye Liner £8.99 - I have a very love hate relationship with this eye liner. I love the formula, it's really long lasting but it imprints on my eye lids sometimes. Also although I like the shape of liner the applicator gives me, it's too much of a faff. Review here.

Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara £13 - Best bottom lash mascara I've ever tried, does not smudge at all all day. The tiny brush makes it so perfect to grab those bottom lashes and coat them perfectly. I like to do one thin coat, let it dry and then apply another thin coat, just so it's doesn't end up too clumpy. I feel like two thin applications are perfect. Review here.

Mac Paint Pot in Rubenesque £15.50 - This is a really lovely nudey coloured cream product with a hint of gold. I've been loving this recently after finding it in my collection again. It's very buildable, you can go for a really thin layer or a couple of layers for a more eye catching pop of gold. Review here.

M.A.D Pigment in Antique - This is actually a free sample I received with a purchase but I cannot remember at all from where, but I shall have a look on Google and maybe leave a link here. I apply this with my finger to the center of my lid for a real pop of golden goodness. 

Eylure 020 Lashes £5.29 - My normal everyday lashes, they're perfect for giving a little more volume, length and definition. Spoken about these so many times before. 

Maybelline Brow Drama and Sleek Brow Stylist - Perfect combo for simple and effortless brows. The Sleek Brow Stylist creates a defined brow or subtle brow really easily and the Brow Drama just holds everything in place with a little colour. Review here.

Revlon Colourburst Lacquer Balm in Provocateur - £7.99 - A red lip can be a lot of maintenance sometimes which can be annoying. I avoid this with using this Lacquer balm. It creates a really glossy red lip which leaves behind a lovely stain which lasts all day. This shade is definitely a more Summery red, it's definitely more pink toned. These lacquer balms are really simple to apply and don't really require much effort. Review here. 

I also used the Nars Laguna bronzer which I have forgotten to photograph. I'm sure you've all heard the rave reviews about this bronzer so I won't go into it. 


Jess xo

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