Tresemme 7 Day Smooth Heat Activated Treatment - Review...

 Tresemme 7 Day Heat Activated Treatment - £6.99

I sometimes go through phases of constantly liking a messy straight look when it comes to my hair. So I thought I serum that makes your hair straight without straighteners for four washes would be great. Fortunately, I received a sample to try instead of buying the full size, which I probably eventually would of done. I am so disappointed with this product. You apply the product to towel dried hair and then dry and straighten but you go over each section of hair 4/5 times to activate the Keratin, then it's suppose to last four washes. I did this, then have washed my hair only once and it literally made no difference. My hair didn't stay straight and actually dried how my naturally would. I could understand if it didn't last four washes, I know brands can sometimes over exaggerate, but to not to even last one defeats the perfect of the product. It doesn't make straightening easier after washing or reduce frizz. They don't make it clear about what to do after washing either. So for all I know I could of been doing it wrong and You're actually suppose to use a hair dryer but they do not say anything. 
I've seen some reviews on the Tresemme website that say the opposite but it really did not work on my hair.

Would I recommend? No.

Jess xo            

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