A Must Have Homemade Beauty Hamper For Last Minute Gifts - High Street Version...

We've all had that moment where Christmas has arrived too soon and we're not ready. Whenever this fear strike me and it's for a female friend or family member I throw something like this together. Hampers are always a really fun and creative present to do and it's quite thoughtful too. I throw a hamper together of my favourite beauty picks, I love buying make up for people and thinking what will suit them, it doesn't have to be too expensive and you can get it all from your local Boots or Superdrug in one easy trip. I've grabbed a few things out of my collection as a simple guide if you're rubbish with make up. 

Think Festive - Think of the stereotypical make up looks you see around Christmas time, red lips gold eyes, glitter, etc. Interchangeable depending on what skin tone and hair colour your receiver has. 

Eye Shadow Palettes - Eye shadow palettes must be one of the easiest things to pick up for someone. They can be really gorgeous and you can't really go that wrong with one. 

Personal Touches - Think personally about your friend, colour and tones you see them in. If they like pink lipstick, get them your favourite pink lipstick, or coral blush, etc. 

If in doubt go for minis - Sample sizes and travel minis will be your best friends. They are a perfect way for them to try out products they might have never tried before. They're also cute and won't break the bank. 

Get Creative - Decorative paper and sequins will make everything more fun. I've just used an old piece of fabric in the photo in a pretty box but ideally I would of had pretty crumpled up paper inside and layer the products throughout it. Maybe even individually wrap everything to make it even more special. 

Jess xo

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