New Look's New Make Up - Review ...

New Look Pure Colour Shimmer Shadow in Truffle and Chestnut - £2.99
New Look Pure Colour Lipstick in Pink - £3.99

So New Look now do make up?! So obviously I had to try some out. It's all very aesthetically pleasing and they've got a really large range of products, so I was excited to try it. 
I bought two eye shadows, and one lipstick. I wanted to pick up some more bits but they didn't really have much by the time I went to pick some up. 
Eye shadows - I'll just be honest, I think these are a bit crap. They're really pretty shades but the pigmentation is not great. I felt like I was just applying the same shade over and over again without getting any good colour pay off. The shades I have are Chestnut and Truffle, lovely shades but I just wish great the colour that they are in the pan.

Lipstick - I bought the lipstick in Pink (very creative name) and this is better than the eye shadows but still not brill. The colour is really pretty and applies nicely but the scent really puts me off. It smells like that fake lipstick weird smell and makes me feel a bit rough. Also the packaging is strange, I've pulled it out my bag or pocket a few times and opened it and the bullet has been all the way rolled up so it squashes into the lid (my pet hate) which is really annoying. I have no idea why this happens but it really puts me off. I love lipsticks and it's awful when they end up everywhere and squashed. Just makes the whole application really messy and gross.

Sadly, I'm not impressed, in fact quite the opposite. I'm glad I didn't buy much from this range.

Jess xo


  1. Know the feel. I haven't tried the New Look ones, but I did try some make up from H&M once.. Big mistake. Fortunately they aren't that pricey.

    Happy holidays!

    1. Yeahhh tell me about it! I feel like Topshop have given us unrealistic expectations, haha!
      Jess xo