Easy Day To Night Nails - Festive Edition..

 Essie's Summit of Style.
Revlon's Vixen
Max Factor's Ruby Fruit 
Barry M Starlight and Moonlight.

Sometimes when you're going on a night out you just have to update your nails into party mode. Now, the easiest way to do this is simply adding a glitter top coat and this time of year is the perfect season for it. There's amazing glitter top coats absolutely everywhere at the moment from all brands so if you're looking for something specific then I'm sure you'll probably be able to find it at the moment!
Anyway, I think the most effective day to  night look is wearing a deep red/black base coat colour and then a gold glitter going into night. It's really effortless but without being too time consuming. My most loved combo for this at the moment is Relvon's Vixen or Max Factor's Ruby Fruit with Essie's Summit of Style over the top or recently I've found this glitter coat with little stars in, which is so festive and cute, which was from Barry M, so really doesn't break the bank at all.

Jess xo

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