Too Faced Glitter Glue Shadow Insurance - Review...

I love glitter. There I said it. I'm an addict and I love it, especially at this time of year. Any opportunity I have to wear glitter I'm straight on that! Anyway, there's always one problem with glitter and that is sticking it to your eyes without ruining everything. This is actually the first 'glitter glue' I've tried but I've pretty impressed with this. It's not just a glitter glue, it is also a shadow primer. It makes shadow much more vibrant and also really gives it something to stick to. When you apply it, it feels very tacky on the lid which I thought I would really hate but actually it doesn't feel too weird. I also was worried whether it would actually make glitter stick to it once you've applied the shadow but it really does work. Glitters that I haven't been able wear before because of them not sticking to my lids before, I've been taking full advantage of now. The box that it comes in is huge which is annoying but besides that I really like the packaging, it's really pretty and I love the holographic details. You only need the tiniest amount of this otherwise things end up clumpy and weird but that means it'll really last a long time which is great. It's really annoying when you buy expensive products and they run out really quickly. I definitely think you get what you pay for with primers, there are rare occasions when you find fantastic primers in the drugstore but mostly I think it's something you're better investing in and getting something you love and really works for whatever you're wanting. 

Jess xo

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