The Perfect Time Of Year For Glitter...

I love glitter all year round but, if you can't wear glitter at this time of year when can you?! Here's my easy guide to glitter for any type of girl. 

Let's Start Big - Mac do the best glitter, they're great and are available all year round. Any glitter you can think of, I'm sure they do. They come in quite a large pot which I'm sure will probably last forever! Really festive, really eye catching. Apply with a finger and a brush, just pat it over any eye shadow look to make it instantly festive. 

Prime, Prime, Prime - A primer is key to stick glitter, I've got this Too Faced Shadow Insurance Glitter Glue and it's brill. It leaves your lid tacky which perfectly sticks glitter onto the eye shadow. There are loads of great glitter glues out there, including mixing mediums so do some research into what kind of glitter look you want and get the appropriate one. 

Newbie? - If you're a newbie to glitter and don't want to go too intense and end up with glitter all down your face try a pressed pigment. You can use these like eye shadows rather than using a messy glitter. I have one from Mac called Day Gleam and the Charlotte Tilbury Dolce Vita Palette has an amazing one in which is just stunning.

A Festive Hint - Not feeling the full of glitter look? Try just using a glitter polish to add a festive hint to your favourite varnish. I have this amazing one from Essie called Summit Of Style, I've seen this everywhere and I can totally see why it's so loved. But a cheaper similar one is Treasure Chest by Barry M. 

Metallics - If you're still not feeling the whole glitter look but want to try something more effortless, try metallics. Glittery but not so in your face. Metallics always look really pretty and really grab the light, so pretty.  

Jess xo

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