L'oreal La Nude Palette in Rose - Review...

When a brand releases a new palette, I'm start on that. Palettes are my weak spot, I love them so much for some reason and I want them all. So when L'oreal released this beauty, I needed it in my life so that was the first thing I did. For a cheap palette this is really great, it's apparently very comparable to the Naked three palette and I can see why. It contains ten very warm rose shades, including a really pretty deep purple which is my favourite. The palette has a really lovely range of shades, for pretty much any look you would want to create, day or night. The shadows are really pigmented and great quality, they do have a slight powdery fall down but that's to be expected with a more high street, wallet friendly palette. Other than that I cannot think of any negatives. I'm not normally into these types of rose shades but I actually have been really enjoying using these shades and experimenting a lot more. 
If you're thinking about getting the Naked Three Palette then maybe try this one first, and then maybe invest in the Urban Decay one later on depending how much you love it. 

Jess xo

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