Battle of the Brands: Dior Fusion Mono Eye Shadow vs Chanel Illusion D'ombre Long Wear Luminous Eye Shadow ...

Let me just start off by saying that both products are gorgeous and the formulas are great and long lasting, but for me one definitely defeats the other. 
I'm going to just say out right that the Dior version is wayyyy better.
Packaging - Let's start with the packaging, both are very similar. Glass jars with plastic lids, very luxurious feeling which is definitely what you want when you're buying Chanel and Dior. 

Brushes - They both come with little fold away brushes which in one way is really handy to save space but in the other way they are so small that I'm forever loosing them. The Dior version is more of a smudgey sponge applicator but I actually prefer it, I think it's perfect for applying product along the lower lash line where as the Chanel brush is just small and flat which doesn't really apply product very well. You get a better applicator using your finger. 

First Impressions - I've throw this category in mainly because my first impression of the Chanel version was terrible. When I opened it the product block of product didn't fill the glass jar and for such an expensive product I was so annoyed. Unfortunately I didn't take a photo of it at the time but I'll find one on Google. Anyway, so I had to squish it down into the jar which just made it look super messy as you can probably tell. Where as the Dior version came exactly how it was portrayed on the stand. Come on Chanel, just put in a smaller packaging! 
Image from Google Images. 

Formula - They are very similar in formulas, so I can't pick my favourites and they are slightly different colours so that wouldn't be fair and I love them both equally. 

Cost - The Dior version is cheaper by £1 which isn't a big deal really, they're both expensive so £1 doesn't really make much of difference, but then it does when we bring the amount you get in a jar into it. 
Amount - The Chanel version contains 4g where as the Dior version contains 6.5g so it does the best in this category too especially when compared to price too. 

Overall Verdict - Dior definitely wins this one by far. Mainly because of the first impression. Application after application it stays looking beautiful and that's really what you want from a luxury product which you're paying a lot of money for.The Dior version is also cheaper and contains more grams of product which is pretty much the final over ruling straw. 
Dior Fusion Mono Eye Shadow comes out on top. 

Jess xo

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