Max Factor Excess Shimmer Eye Shadow - Review

So many brands are bringing out their versions of cream eye shadows after the success of the Maybelline Tattoos and after my love for the Tattoos I'm all for it. This is the Max Factor version which does slightly differ from your average cream eye shadow. I would say that it's actually more like a moose rather than a cream product. It's a really soft texture and little goes a long way so be cautious. At first I really didn't like this, I applied it with my finger tip and I just couldn't get an even enough coverage but once I applied it with a brush I liked it much better. In terms of longevity, I think you've got to be careful with how much you apply, because the more you apply the more likely it is to crease. So a little works better with this product, I would recommend applying thin layers until you get the colour pay off that you desire to avoid creasing too badly later on in the day. Don't let the name scare you off, I mean Excess Shimmer sounds intense but actually it's not. It sort of creates that wet glossy look rather than a super chunky glittery mess. 
Over all I really like this, I definitely think it will work better in a light shade because you definitely won't need to apply as much, so I'm definitely going look into the lighter shades and see if any take my fancy. 

Jess xo

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