Eylure Naturals 015 Lashes - Review...

Eylure Naturals 015 Lashes - £5.29

I am an avid false lash wearer. Unfortunately I was not blessed with my mum's super long amazing lashes so I love a good false lash! I use to love the Eylure 020's but sometimes I feel like they are a little too much for an everyday look so I found these with are so so natural. They're the type of lashes that just look like you've got naturally amazing lashes, especially if you apply mascara over the top of them. The vain of the lash is really light  which means they don't feel heavy on the eye at all and actually feel like you haven't got any on at all. They're probably the most natural lash I've used and they just give you a little more bright eyed effect and waken you up without looking like you've tried too hard. I wear these all day at work and they are very comfortable. If you're a lash nebie and you fancy trying something really natural and simple I would recommend these or if you just want a lash to wear in the day for a little more volume and length, then these will be your best buddies!

Jess xo

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