Mac Objects of Affection Bronze Pigments and Glitter Holiday Set - Review...

3D Copper Glitter

Chocolate Brown Pigment 

Copper Pigment 

Naked Deep Dark Pigment

Melon Pigment

 As soon as the Mac Holiday collection was released I instantly purchased one of the pigment sets. Last year I wasn't quick enough and missed out and I was gutted, so this year I was straight on it. I purchased the Pigment set in Bronze shades which is just stunning and I wish I'd bought more than one but they've sold out now. The sets come with 4 pigments and 1 glitter all for £26 which I think is a massive bargain considering a full size pigment is £17 and you'll never use the whole of a full size one, a littler really goes a long way. This bronze set comes with Melon which is vibrant peachy gold shade and also is available in the full size. Naked Deep Dark which is a neutral matte brown, I think this is only available in this set. Copper is one of my faves, it's a highshine bronze copper shade, really pretty day or night, another limited edition. Chocolate Brown is the darkest of the pigments and is also one of my faves, this is available in full size but I never thought it was very interesting now I've seen it in real life, I love it. Then finally the glitter that this set comes with is 3D Copper glitter which has a copper colour base then with flecks of holographic running through it which captures the light beautifully. I've been incredibly with all of the Mac pigments I've tried and the glitter is just as good. They're really smooth and a little goes a long way. They're definitely the best products for a night out smokey eye for the wow factor!

Jess xo

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