Everyone's Loving That Matte Lip, I'm Loving It Glossy..

Rimmel Lip Liner in Eastend Snob. 
Bourjois 3d Effet in Brun Rose.

I'm sue we've all heard the raving about Kylie Jenner's new look and especially her lips, they're amazing. Everyone is going for the matte brown, pink, very nineties lip and I've also recently given into the hype. But I love it glossy instead! I like my bright, dark shades matte but I prefer my nudes glossy. My natural lip colour is quite dark anyway so raved about nudes don't suit me which kills me, so shades like this suit me better as a nude. Wearing a lip liner all over the lip with a lip gloss over the top, gives the desired precise shape to the lip and also makes it easy to slightly over draw your lips. Then to apply a gloss over the top just gives you that glamourous, juicylook which I love. This shade of lip colour is great for any make up look, it's just one of those effortless looks that goes with anything so you don't need to worry about it. The lip liner is a Rimmel one in Eastend Snob, raved about by Amelia Liana, it's more pink toned than that Kylie look but with a more brown toned gloss over the top, it really ties the shades together. The gloss is a Bourjois 3d Effet in Brun Rose which is a gorgeous unique shade. 
This is my twist on that Kylie Jenner lip look, what's yours? 

Jess xo

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