HD Brows Bombshell Eye Shadow Palette - Review...

Now, HD Brows are famous for their brow products and they do it so well, I didn't realise they actually do all make up products. My best friend paid for me and her to have our make up done by a HD Brows team at a local salon and all though I wasn't super impressed by the experience, I loved the products although it was a really fun experience especially to do with your girl friends before a night out. Out of the products they used on me I bought they Bombshell palette. It looks like a cooler toned eye shadow palette but actually on the lid it's much warmer. My favourite shade is the middle brown colour, it's really pretty and really compliments my eye colour. There are two shimmery shades in the palette and then three matte colours, great for definition and crease work. The lightest pink shade is really shimmery and the perfect highlight. This is definitely one of those palettes that's great for traveling because you can create both day and night looks with it. The brush that it comes with is actually really nice too, maybe not for packing on the colour but brill for smokey it out and crease work. Then the angled brush on the other side is perfect for pressing colour alone your lower lash line for subtle definition. 
I'm not sure this palette is worth the price over all, I think there are much better palettes with more shadows in for a similar price but I've been really enjoying it anyway. I was lucky and actually got £10 and 30% off so it was worth it at the discounted price of £13.20 because of the event we went to. 

Jess xo

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